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TRENDnet USB-C 2.5Gbe Network Adapter Review

TRENDnet USB-C 2.5Gbe Network Adapter Review

TRENDnet's USB-C 2.5Gbe network adapter offers an extremely efficient way to add 2.5Gbe when its needed.

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Gears 5's direct cosmetic monetization isn't 'ahead of the industry'

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 44 mins ago

Like every big AAA Xbox game from Microsoft with online play, Gears 5 has microtransactions. But it's not the contentious lootbox type, it's the more-favored cosmetics. This isn't a revolutionary feature.




At Gamescom 2019, Gears of War Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven confirmed Gears 5's microtransactions. The monetization is purely cosmetic, and you always know what you're going to buy. Gears 5's in-game store lets you buy a premium currency with real money, which is then traded for digital skins in a storefront. There's no lootboxes (The Coalition would be insane to include them). Sounds pretty standard for today's games, right?


Well Cleven says this is direct monetization is "ahead of the industry," when in reality, games have been using this storefront tactic for a while (Path of Exile, Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey, Anthem, Warframe, the list goes on). It's nothing new or innovative. In fact, a new trend would be to rip out microtransactions altogether and simply rely on Xbox Game Pass subscription revenues to supplement game sales. But hey, that'd completely disrupt Microsoft's entire service-first business model.


"We really think we're ahead of the industry here in getting rid of loot boxes and making sure that we can both service people that are looking to accelerate their progression or earn cosmetics using money but also keeping the integrity of the game experience," Claven told in an effort to try and make Gears 5 out to be a mTX game-changer.

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Stan Lee's daughter blasts Disney for disrespecting father's legacy

By: Derek Strickland | HT & Movies | Posted: 1 hour, 42 mins ago

Ignited by the ire of Spider-Man's MCU departure, Stan Lee's daughter Joan Celia Lee has some choice words for Disney and Marvel Studios.




Apparently Disney, the billion-dollar behemoth that's constantly swallowing up studios and intellectual properties so it can monetize them with merch and watered-down sequels, isn't all that wholesome any more. The recent Sony-Marvel split, which led to Spider-Man being pulled from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a clear example. Sources tell Deadline that Disney wants to re-negotiate its deal with Sony with a 50-50 deal on all Spider-Man revenues (this decision was driven by Spider-Man Far From Home's huge $1.1 billion in earnings).


This led to a massive debate that shook the whole internet. Who should win Spider-Man? Should Sony sell? According to Stan Lee's daughter, JC Lee, Disney has been nothing but tremendously disrespectful to Lee's original Marvel legacy. Disney shouldn't have total control simply because they won't do it justice.


"Marvel and Disney seeking total control of my father's creations must be checked and balanced by others who, while still seeking to profit, have genuine respect for Stan Lee and his legacy," JC Lee told TMZ. "Whether it's Sony or someone else's, the continued evolution of Stan's characters and his legacy deserves multiple points of view."

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Denuvo DRM is coming to mobile phone games

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 3 hours, 13 mins ago

As OEMs like ASUS push out insane gaming smartphones, Irdeto aims to protect mobile games with its Denuvo DRM tech.




Denuvo anti-tamper and anti-cheat protections are coming to mobile games, Irdeto announced. Denuvo DRM has been quite contentious in PC gaming, sometimes even locking users out of the games they legitimately purchased. The mobile space, which is dominated by microtransaction-ridden free-to-play games, could likewise be impacted.


"Mobile Game Protection from Denuvo ensures that legitimate players get the best possible experience and revenue streams are not eliminated. It addresses types of cheating on mobile games and prevents hackers from debugging, reverse engineering and changing the game. The solution is offered with 24/7 availability and needs no source code, meaning it can be applied to any game with zero operational effort by the customer. For increased security and performance, Denuvo also offers customers the opportunity to profile games before the protection is applied to tailor the protection to the individual game."

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Capcom preps you for Iceborne with this helpful infographic

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 36 mins ago

Capcom wants to make sure you're ready for Hoarfrost Reach's frozen wilds, chilly monsters, and massive story arc.




Monster Hunter World's new Iceborne expansion is dropping next month, and it's a doozy. Iceborne the first and only expansion for the game and it's so big that it could be a sequel, packing in new monsters, tons of weapons, a huge new continent to explore, and a winding narrative (Capcom is literally treating it as their own big AAA release of FY2019). But there's some roadblocks for new players and you can't just jump in right away.


Luckily Capcom has prepared a quick infographic to outline key tips and tricks to get you up to speed. The biggest prerequisite for Iceborne is beating the story up to Hunter Rank 16, but you'll also need to shore up your hunter's skills before you're ready for the new icy Elder Dragons.

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Ubisoft to invest in new IPs and ramp up game dev teams

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 5 hours, 24 mins ago

Despite already having an expansive array of mega-hit franchises, Ubisoft says it'll keep making new IPs. But will they be big-budget projects or smaller titles like Gods and Monsters?




Ubisoft is a pretty interesting company, but it's getting stuck in the live service trap. Instead of focusing on big new IPs, Ubisoft has doubled-down on games like Rainbow Six, The Division, Far Cry, and Assassin's Creed. It's derivative, but effective, and Ubisoft earns billions every year. How long can they keep releasing sequels and live ops? For a while, but they still have to plant seeds for new IPs to grow.


Now Ubisoft exec Alain Corre says the company isn't done with new IPs, and we can expect a few new ones to pop up with next-gen consoles, streaming, and PC advancements on the way. "We feel that it's also a good moment now to invest in new IPs. There are lots of new technologies appearing. PC is still developing fast, there are new consoles coming next year, the streaming technology is there, cross-play is also something that will excite players, so we feel it's the right time to create new genres, and new IPs for us. After all, if the sun can shine on these ones, we'll have them for a long time to come," Corre told MCV UK.

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Switch Lite vs normal Switch in side-by-side comparison

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 5 hours, 59 mins ago

The new handheld-only Switch is smaller than the original, but it's not exactly miniature.




The main selling point of Nintendo's new cheaper $199 Switch Lite is handheld-only gaming in a more mobile-friendly package. It's got a smaller 5.5-inch 720p screen (compared to the normal Switch's 6.2-inch display) and a shrunken chassis. But we've yet to see any side-by-side comparisons to show off just how much smaller it is...and the answer is kind of surprising.


A recent snap from IGN's Brian Altano delivers a direct side-by-side comparison of the Switch Lite and the normal transforming Switch hybrid. The Lite isn't that much smaller than the base unit. The Lite's materials do look cheaper in quality though, and I'm worried about those JoyCons. The upside is the new Switch Lite sports a shrunken Tegra X1 revision on 16nm for improved battery life, cooler temperatues, and increased power efficiency.

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Farming Simulator 20 begins harvesting the Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019

By: Jak Connor | Gaming | Posted: 10 hours, 53 mins ago

Aspiring farmers from around the globe will be pleased to know that the release date for the next Farming Simulator game has been revealed.



The official Farming Simulator Twitter account dropped the release date on fans when they were posted the question of whether Farming Simulator 20 would be arriving on iOS and Android. According to the response, "Farming Simulator 20 will be released on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch."


In response to another question posed by the same person who asked the above question, the Farming Simulator Twitter account revealed the window they are aiming for to release the game. Vikrant rana asked "Can you announce the launch date of it today?", the Farming Simulator account replied with "We aim to launch FS20 in Q4 this year."

Google's next 'Nest Mini' speaker is a 'substantial' upgrade all round

By: Jak Connor | Audio, Sound & Speakers | Posted: 11 hours, 48 mins ago

News has surfaced online regarding Google's next Home Mini receiving a decent upgrade all round when it is re-branded as the Nest Mini.




According to 9to6Google's sources, Google will be releasing a sequel to their Home Mini product, but instead of it being a Home Mini 2 it will have its name changed to Nest Mini. Not only is there a change of name but Google will also be upgrading basically all of its features as well. According to the sources, the Nest Mini will arrive with a built-in wall mount, upgraded sound, louder and better bass, increase in max volume and a headphone jack.


While these are just rumors for the time being, if they are true Google could be waiting to reveal this product alongside their upcoming announcement of the Google Pixel 4. The announcement of both the Nest Mini and the Pixel 4 is believed to be scheduled for Google's annual hardware event this October called Made by Google 2019.

Age of Empires IV news slipped, fans advised to watch XO19 for info

By: Jak Connor | Gaming | Posted: 12 hours, 45 mins ago

Age of Empires fans have been waiting to hear about Age of Empires IV for quite some time now, and their opportunity to hear about might just be right around the corner.



During an interview with MAX, Aaron Greenberg an Xbox Games Marketing member Microsoft, was asked about giving some hope to Age of Empires fans regarding the existance of Age of Empires IV. According to Greenberg, Microsoft are teeing up their biggest reveals for XO19 that is slated to be held in November. Age of Empires IV was subtly confirmed to be one of the titles.


Greenberg says "listen, our next big date will be XO19, I would suggest that people watch that, its November 14th, the day that Age launches. I cannot confirm or deny anything *winks at camera*." This is an extremely cheeky way of hyping up the reveal of Age of Empires IV, and if I was to put my money on a reveal I would say it will be somewhere during the XO19 Xbox presentation. Here is a Twitch snippet of Greenberg saying the above quote on video, click here.

Eminem's publisher to sue Spotify for BILLIONS of unpaid music streams

By: Jak Connor | Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 13 hours, 51 mins ago

Eminem's music publisher, Eight Mile Style has officially filled a lawsuit against music streaming giant Spotify, accusing the platform of "blatant copyright infringement".




According to The Hollywood Reporter, this lawsuit comes under the Music Modernization Act which was signed into law last year. According to MMA, Spotify has to file a "notice of intention" and pay the righholders of the music they are streaming on their platform. This is where it gets dicey, Eight Mile Style has claimed that "Spotify did not have any license to reproduce or distribute the Eight Mile Compositions, either direct, affiliate, or compulsory, but acted deceptively by pretending to have compulsory and/or other licenses."


One of the songs that was claimed to be illegally streamed was Eminem's biggest song ever, 'Lose Yourself', Eight Mile says this is "the most egregious example of Spotify's willful infringement. Spotify, and [the Harry Fox Agency], its agent ... certainly knew (and had the easy means to know) that Eight Mile is the copyright owner of 'Lose Yourself.'" Continuing on, Eight Mile says that 'Lose Yourself' isn't the only song Spotify has illegally streamed, and that in total these songs have been "streamed on Spotify billions of times".

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